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Revolutionary Technology: TMS Implement Innovative System to Combat Water Pollution in Ports

Ports are a major source of marine pollution due to the heavy traffic of ships passing through them, which can lead to waste accumulation and the release of hydrocarbons. However, a new initiative led by TMS in collaboration with Hiades is changing this.

TMS has implemented an innovative system of turbidity and hydrocarbon sensors on Prácticos Palma de Mallorca boats. The goal of this project is to create a detailed map of the state of the waters, using both sensor data and GPS data from the boats. This way, they can identify the most contaminated areas and effectively address them.

This initiative not only focuses on current environmental problems, but also reflects TMS’s commitment to environmental conservation and ecologism. By implementing innovative solutions like this one, companies can demonstrate that they are willing to take responsibility for protecting our planet and reducing their carbon footprint.

In summary, the TMS initiative is revolutionizing how ports handle water pollution. By using advanced technology, they are creating a detailed map of the state of the waters, which allows them to identify and effectively address the most contaminated areas. This initiative is an example of TMS’s commitment to environmental conservation and ecologism. 

Font: TMS Maritime Solutions