Our projects

#Estela Program

Estela program

TMS is one of the companies participating in the Estela program, an initiative by Pymar and Bridge for Billions to connect early-stage or ready-to-pilot start-ups in the shipyard sector to build the future of shipbuilding.

#Mossos d’Esquadra

Design and installation of navigation, communications, connectivity, and real-time video systems for the new police boats

TMS has equipped the three new Mossos d’Esquadra boats with a control and monitoring system that allows everything that happens on the boat to be transmitted in real time to the police coordination centre.

#Prácticos de Palma

The waters of the ports are usually the dirtiest due to the high flow of maritime traffic that navigates through them.

TMS, in collaboration with Hiades, has implemented a system of turbidity and hydrocarbon sensors in the Palma de Mallorca pilot boats.

#O.E Petrel

This offshore patrol vessel was built as an oceanographic vessel in Portugal in 1970

Last October 2022, TMS signed the contract with the Spanish Tax Agency to carry out the renovation of the air conditioning system and the navigation and communications system of the Special Operations vessel Petrel.

#Vehículo submarino

This project contributes to the conservation of the seabed

Marine reserves are fishing protection zones whose basic objective is the protection and regeneration of living marine resources

#Instituto marítimo pesquero de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

Renovation of the communications classroom equipment of the Maritime-Fishing Institute of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

This institute is dedicated to training professionals in the sector by offering intermediate and higher degrees

#Thor of Valhalla

The Thot of Valhalla vessel has been owned by Ocean Science Consulting

TMS, a leading provider of naval electronic services, has been contracted to install and commission bridge electronics on the oceanographic vessel THOR.

#Fittings en MB92

MB92 places its trust in TMS as a specialist in electrical and electronic systems

MB92 places its trust in TMS as a specialist in electrical and electronic systems