Mossos d’esquadra

Design and installation of navigation, communications, connectivity, and real-time video systems for the new police boats.

TMS has equipped the three new Mossos d’Esquadra boats with a control and monitoring system that allows everything that happens on the boat to be transmitted in real time to the police coordination centre.

The IoT ecosystem that TMS has integrated into the boat, allows the Mossos coordination center to transmit in real time all the information provided by the state-of-the-art equipment installed on board, in addition to real-time monitoring of other elements such as the battery capacity and charge, voltages or fuel consumption and motor telemetry. State-of-the-art equipment in navigation technology, connectivity and image capture and transmission capacity has been incorporated into the three vessels. The navigation system, from the prestigious brand Simrad (NAVICO), is made up, among others, of multifunction plotters with on-board video camera display, thermal camera, closed pulse compression radar with a range of up to 36 miles, 3D high-definition sounding, lateral, frontal and under the hull. All this technology is complemented by the incorporation in each vessel of a specific drone model to operate in the aquatic environment and an ROV or underwater drone, to facilitate in-depth inspection tasks. All this is visible on a remote screen in real time, through the exclusive vessel monitoring and control software installed by TMS.

Optimized for touchscreen interface and full keyboard and pointing device support, this software allows you to configure as many favourite screens as you like and define tab names by the user.

It also has an integrated video function with pan, tilt and zoom controls. Favourite screens are fully user defined and tailored to the installed NMEA2000 sensors. User-defined background images (vessel profiles, deck views, system diagrams, etc.) Full alert systems displaying alarms and warnings on screen (simple one-touch recognition). Also, user-defined graphs to monitor trends. In addition to sending email and text messages in user-selectable alerts.